Dean Freytag

The Hobby of Model Railroading

Dean Freytag
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Duration:   2  mins

Dean Freytag has won regional and national contests for his modeling work. Dean is very proud of his awards and has been rightfully recognized for all the effort and time put into the model railroad hobby. After retirement, he became national contest chairman for the National Model Railroading Association. He stayed involved in the hobby as much as he could throughout his life. Dean will always be remembered as a great model railroader and an expert of the hobby.

The Hobby of Model Railroading

In part six of the 8-part South Ridge Line series, Allen Keller and Dean Freytag discuss the model railroading hobby. Allen asks Dean several questions about model railroading. You’ll gain insight into what Dean believes the model railroading hobby has offered him in his life.

One of Dean’s favorite parts of model railroading is the community support. He says he was able to surround himself with great people by being apart of the model railroading hobby. He also felt great about himself when others from the community would ask him for help.

Two more segments remain of the 8-part South Ridge Line series. The final two are demonstrations by Dean himself on steel mills and building cars. You don’t want to miss out!

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