Lou Sassi

Kitbashing on the Western Hoosic Division

Lou Sassi
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Duration:   1 mins

Lou Sassi does kitbashing on his Western Hoosic Division model railroad. He enjoys it more than building kits from the instructions because it frees him to be able to do what he wants with the kit. He has built a number of kits according to the instructions primarily for kit reviews and product reviews for model railroading. Although building a kit according to instructions can be enjoyable, it doesn’t give him the freedom he has when he kitbashes.

When kitbashing he can make a structure, he can expand a structure, and he can shrink a structure. Shrinking a structure enables Lou to fit it to a location to deal better with the contours the structure will be placed on. Overall, kitbashing just makes it a lot more fun and easy for him. For more on kitbashing railroad structures or kitbashing a building, visit the Model Railroad Academy website.

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