Lou Sassi

Overview of Lou Sassi’s West Hoosic Division

Lou Sassi
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Lous Sassi’s Western Hoosic Division model railroad runs between Adam’s, Massachusetts and Bennington, Vermont and is based in the 1950’s. It’s an imaginary mine Lou invented that is operated by the Austin and Maine with an interchange for the runner.

The HO layout has some of the best scenery anyone will see anywhere. Lou and a circle of friends called the Tree Group have made trees and ground cover their specialty and in the process they have come up with new and effective techniques that have advanced the art of scenery for model railroaders.

Lou is a lifelong New Englander with a special fondness for the area and he had been building this division in honor of it for 20 years. It was modeled after 1950’s New England because he grew up in that time and area and always enjoyed the small towns with rolling hills. The Western Hoosic Division is 25 by 22 feet with a minim radius of 27 inches and all visible track is hand laid. Lou plans to add additional staging tracks and a loop for turning trains between operating sessions. The bottom portion begins in Bennington, Vermont.

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