Don Cassler

Operations on the M&K Division of B&O Railroad

Don Cassler
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Duration:   12  mins

In this video, watch the operation of Don Cassler’s M&K Division of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad and listen to the narration by Allen Keller. Tour the layout as if you were there, following the trains’ rotations with Keller describing the various operations along the way.

The operating scheme of the West Virginia modeled M&K is a coal haul which hauls coal to the east coast and brings empty locomotives back to the mines. Watch as the layout’s lighting changes, starting from early morning, and transitioning to late night as the trains travel east to load and west to empty. Observe the intensive track detailing, operational illuminated signaling systems, and the super detailed cars. Hear the hyper realistic sounds of the cars moving along the tracks, the train whistles, and the rumbling of the engines. Watch the junctions, reroutes, car switches and the helper trains as they hook up with haulers to move the 50 car long slow moving trains up their mountain climbs. This layout’s operation is truly a spectacle to watch and a triumph of engineering.

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