Dick Elwell

Model Train Layout Design on Dick Elwell’s Hoosac Valley Railroad

Dick Elwell
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Duration:   8  mins

Dick Elwell claims he didn’t know much about model railroads when he started his journey, but he knew he loved trains. That passion drove him to become the modeling expert he is today. He describes himself as someone who doesn’t plan, but rather credits his layout to luck. He began building Hoosac Valley in 1959 with a general concept and over the years it flourished into the remarkable layout it is today.

Planning and Inspiration for the Hoosac Valley Railroad

In part three of the 10-part Hoosac Valley series, Allen Keller asks Dick Elwell several questions regarding his New England inspired model railroad. This video showcases a question and answer style discussion with visual footage of the walk-through style layout of Hoosac Valley.

Allen asks Dick a wide range of questions throughout the video that provide insight into the several stages of model railroading. He begins with the inspiration behind the layout, leads into the planning stages, reviews the operations, and ends up discussing the newest changes to the layout and possibilities for what is to come.

Allen begins by asking Dick how he selected the geographic area for the Hoosac Valley and if he tried to duplicate any scenic features of the location. Next, Allen and Dick examine the railroad routes on the layout and where they run. Dick explains all of the railroads that are represented on the layout and reflects on the interfacing of the railroads. Then, Allen and Dick lead into discussing the time period of the railroad, the type of freight on the layout, and the industries modeled. Allen wraps up the discussion by inquiring about how Dick incorporates new technology, new philosophies, and new materials into a decades old layout.

Allen and Dick analyze the Hoosac Valley railroad in depth throughout the video. Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn more about the model railroading hobby from expert Dick Elwell and keep watching this series for more inspiration and techniques.

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