Gerry Leone

Tips for Model Railroading Tools: Parallel Jaw Pliers

Gerry Leone
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Duration:   2  mins

Model railroading construction requires various tools depending on the task at hand. You likely already have most of the basic tools you will need for your model railroad in your toolbox, but there are some tools you may have never heard of that can make your modeling process much easier. Most specialized tools are fairly inexpensive and easy to find, you just need to know what you are looking for.

Model Railroad Hand Tools

The wide range of tools sold at hardware stores can be overwhelming. There are several different types of pliers alone such as needle-nose, locking, slip-joint, just to name a few. Educating yourself on specialized tools can be extremely beneficial when it comes to the railroading hobby. Using the correct tools can make a world of difference in the outcome of your layout.

In this video, NMRA Master Model Railroader Gerry Leone demonstrates the parallel jaw pliers. He begins by explaining the difference between a regular pliers and a parallel jaw pliers to highlight the major variations between the two. Then, he explains a couple of the best uses for a parallel jaw pliers when it comes to model railroading.

Gerry provides two particular examples for using parallel jaw pliers. The first suggestion he gives is using them while building turnouts. The parallel jaw pliers come in handy when bending guard rails. The second suggestion he gives is using them while scribing styrene to cut it into small strips. It can be difficult to cut small strips off, but the parallel jaw pliers do an excellent job of holding the styrene in place. Gerry goes into further detail regarding the advantages of using a parallel jaw pliers in each scenario.

There is an abundance of specialized tools that will make a great addition to your toolbox. Learn more about tools from model railroad experts like Gerry Leone to enhance the construction stages of your model railroading experience.

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