Operations on Roger’s 3 Narrow Gauge Layouts

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Duration: 9:29

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In this video, watch operations on Roger Russell’s 3 narrow gauge model railroad layouts. Another Makato 491 with a freight is leaving Sargent with a massive coaling dock. The train backs into the Trout Lake Tunnel. Above is the Trout Lake Trestle, the K-37 completes its turn and heads for Jaks Cabin. Later a C-19 280 Number 341 enters Sargent with a short freight.

At Los Pinos a consolidation is working a stock train to the mountain pastures. With the cattle out of the way Number 491 gets a chance to go to work. After 491 gets out of the way Number 482, a K-36 Makato pulls through Los Pinos with five gondolas for pickup by Number 491. In the foreground of Durango is a standard gauge locomotive, a strange comparison to the narrow gauge.

Outside of Durango the Makato finds itself in typical Colorado scenery. Number 491 will stop at Russell Siding to set out five cars. It’s time to pick up the caboose after sending off the cars, then it’s over the Trout Lake Trestle. On Trout Lake the train on the siding is being serviced. Ridgeway is the end of our run with the seven stall Ridgeway Roundhouse in the back. For more tips to improving your layout operations visit the Model Railroad Academy website.