• 011188

    Jim Hertzog’s HO scale model of the Pennsylvania coal region is a remarkable recreation of history. He accurately portrays the diverse landscape of the coal mines of the 1950’s with carefully planned grades. Helper action assists as elevation poses a threat. The locomotives make their way up and down the mountainous track. The grades are… Read more »

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  • 011196

    The amount of time and effort that goes into designing and constructing an incredible layout is no doubt obvious to the eye, but it may just surprise you how much planning goes into the model railroad operations as well. Impressive layouts not only have realistic scenery, but they also operate much the same as actual… Read more »

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  • Model Railway Control Panel

    The model railway control panel serves a crucial role in the operations of the layout. It is sometimes overlooked in the modeling process and created after the layout is complete. There are numerous types and styles of control panels. A centralized traffic control board (CTC) is one method of communicating with the dispatcher. Unfortunately, incorporating… Read more »

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  • 011208f_U0649u_c-Operations on the Franklin & South Manchester, New England (Part 3)

    In the hustle and bustle of New England lies the tracks of the F&SM. They twist and turn through the small dreary towns greeting monstrous industrial buildings and steep rocky mountains along the way. The F&SM locomotive travels through Manchester, Chesterville and Belverton providing some close and personal perspectives of the towns. Join along as… Read more »

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  • 011210f_U0651u_c-Design and Inspiration for the Franklin & South Manchester, New England (Part 3) - PREVIEW

    It’s fascinating to delve into the mind of an expert when you are passionate about a particular hobby. There are many great model railroad design experts. One notable modeler goes by the name of George Sellios. He is the owner of Fine Scale Miniatures, a business that creates wooden structure kits for model railroad layouts…. Read more »

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  • 011043f_u0502u_c

    George’s F&SM fast became one of the world’s greatest model railroad layouts for its historical accuracy and breathtaking attention to detail. Host Allen Keller visits George’s studio at Fine Scale Mechanics to get an update on his progress with making additions to the Franklin & South Manchester Railroad layout. In this segment, witness a test… Read more »

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  • mra-011226f_u0667u_p

    The Conrail New Jersey Railroad of Matt Snell and Debie Baker operates along prototypical rules as much as possible. Discover some model railroad operation tips as Allen Keller’s cameras follow a mixed freight leaving Oak Island Yard bound for Allentown Station, on a busy journey of set-outs and pick-ups along the way. With dozens of… Read more »

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  • mra-011236f_u0677u_c

    When most modelers think about creating a model railway timetable, they incorrectly think that just means creating a schedule by which their trains will run. But as we learn from expert builder/operator, Matt Snell, creating a timetable is so much more than just making a model railroad schedule. Matt attempts, as much as possible, to… Read more »

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  • Model Train Operations Session

    Stony Creek & Western’s Gil Freitag really enjoys model train operations, but used to spend ‘way too much time preparing for an ops session. Now, he’s streamlined the process to just ten minutes, and he shares his tips for model railroad operations with Model Railroad Academy’s Allen Keller in Part 5 of his series on… Read more »

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