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Following Doug's O-Scale Model Railroad into Tacoma

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For our second-to-last stop on the journey to Silverton along D&RGW Railroad, Extra 464 West heads into the siding in Tacoma. Up until now, we’ve passed through three stations en route from Durango, and we’ve seen a lot of fantastic work from modeler Doug Tagsold and his O gauge model railroad. Continuing with more of the same, Doug teaches you a bit about some of the features you’ll discover when 464 makes its way over Animas River for the second time and rolls into Tacoma. Let’s follow our lead locomotive and see what Doug has in store for this section of his O gauge model railroad replica of D&RGW.

Stopping off in Tacoma on Doug’s O gauge model railroad

We first make our way into Tacoma by way of a high bridge that passes over Animas River. At this portion of the Animas, the elevation has begun to drop off much more quickly than before so the water is rushing with greater intensity. For Doug, higher velocity rapids meant that he couldn’t use EnviroTex for the river, but instead had to utilize three different types of caulk to demonstrate fast moving waters.

Doug also had to improvise in the making of the high bridge that leads into Tacoma. While his scene is an O gauge model railroad, Doug took advantage of an HO scale bridge flipped upside-down to traverse the rushing waters below. These waters, by the way, are further intensified by runoff from Electra Lake, which sits high in the mountains above and fuel the hydroelectric power station that calls Tacoma home. To build this plant on his O gauge model railroad, Doug took advantage of a kit that closely resembled the real station that remains in Tacoma to this day, and he also constructed three company houses alongside for the plant’s workers.

Finally, after pulling onto the siding and letting an eastbound locomotive pass through town, Extra 464 West makes for Silverton by way of Needleton and the Narrows. This portion of the O gauge model railroad is Doug’s favorite for the vibrant fall leaves that appear to be mid-change on the area’s high-elevation Aspens. And we must agree, Needleton has to be one of our favorite sections on this O gauge model railroad, too. But let’s not forget our last stop — Silverton here we come!

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