Operations on the New York, New Haven & Hartford

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In this video, Allen Keller details the operations of John Pryke’s New York, New Haven and Hartford model railroad. Operations begin at New Haven, where a J-1 Light Mikado will handle the eastbound peddler. Number 3012 goes by the New Haven interlocking tower and the engine facility. On the right is a small yard for the electric motors. It then cuts under Route 80. At New London wharf the peddler will drop New Haven 6395. The engine picks up Main Central 17079.

The Boston to New York fish train races past with its perishables and the local waits until the switches clear. The 282 passes the Providence interlocking tower and then darts behind the DWP Electric Supply. The ART refer gets set out and Sante Fe refer number 35802 is added to the consist. In the back is a cut of Pennsylvania sleepers that are headed to Boston over the Canton Viaduct.

After the mikado is going to pick up the standard oil tank car 25456 at Romano Fuel. From here the train passes through Pyke’s Peak and South Boston. Alco 0912 will pick up the Sante Fe refer. Another switcher will take the refer to the union freight’s transfer job. Two GE 44 tonners handle the switching on the union freight railroad. The Sante Fe refer gets dropped at Pilgrim Produce on Atlantic Avenue. The 44 tonners head to Commercial Street. To view the full operations with Allen Keller, watch the full video. For more Allen Keller Videos or tips for improving your layout operations, visit the Model Railroad Academy archives.

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