Operations on the Union Pacific Cheyenne Division

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We begin operations on John Gray’s Union Pacific Cheyenne Division model railroad at the full circle roundhouse. Here Number 4023, a “big boy” train, prepares and moves off the turntable. This engine was the second to last big boy built for the Union Pacific. The massive 4884 runs light over the switch lead at Tower A. Cheyenne is where the challengers are removed and replaced with the big boys for the move over Sherman Hill and the Continental Divide.

4023 passes under the Colorado and Southern Branchline Bridge, no need to stop at the red desert service facility. Then it is onto Cramps Curve. The big boy will set out five flat cars for the lumber mill on the branch. The branch begins at the tunnel where one Burlington and four Union Pacific flat cars are spotted. Next it is onto Ridget Top Curve. The freight passes over the Colorado and Southern branchline that serves Panama Number 3 before it heads under Hermos Tunnel. The big boy heads for Cheyenne via Diesel House Curve where it completes a loop of the division.

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