Operations on the Utah Midland Railway

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Al Lindop took an interesting approach to modeling the Utah Midland Railway. Instead of carefully planning out the scenery and operations, he simply jumped in and began modeling what interested him. The mountain scenery and the western roads fascinated Al. Not too many people choose to model areas such as Utah, but Al executed the desert terrain perfectly. Over the years, his layout evolved into what it is today.

Model Railway Operations

In part three of the 7-part Utah Midland Railway series, Allen Keller chronicles the operations of Al’s railroad. We follow the line from dawn to dusk; an entire day’s journey on the Utah Midland. Follow along as Allen narrates the coal hauling operation in Spring Canyon, Utah.

Four more segments remain of the Utah Midland Railway series. Next, Al Lindop provides some insight into his inspiration and techniques behind his layout. The remaining three segments provide Q&A style discussion with Allen and Al regarding rockwork scenery, building mines, and weathering hoppers as well as brief tutorials for each.

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