John Pryke

Removable Scenery on the New York, New Haven & Hartford

John Pryke
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Duration:   2  mins

John Pryke has removable sections of model railroad scenery on his New York, New Haven and Hartford model railroad. Allen Keller asks about the necessity for this. The railroad has a piece of main line that runs right up the middle of the layout. That piece of main line happens to be a switch, so it needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. John and team built it this way because it was the only way they could clean track in that area.

The piece of removable model railroad scenery is actually tapered. The top looks like a mountain, but underneath one can see it’s made of very lightweight foam core construction. The sturdy ribs push it up and out of the hole. The tapered design means it will always sit flat into the hole and not be noticeable as a seperate piece. The model railroad scenery on the top has been extended out over the scenery it fits into so there is no noticeable gap. There are wood blocks inside one can grab onto when pulling it back into place on the layout. The unique shape means will always it will fit in the hole.

Allen Keller asks John if the railroad has a special purpose for him other than a place to run trains. For John, the New York, New Haven and Hartford is also a place where he can be creative and come down to escape from the problems of day to day life. This has kept John’s enthusiasm for the hobby and kept the New Haven a primary means of self-expression after all these years. For more Allen Keller Videos or ideas for superior scenery, visit the Model Railroad Academy archives.

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