Paul Dolkos

Touring the Boston & Maine New Hampshire Division

Paul Dolkos
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Duration:   9  mins

We begin the tour of Paul Dolkos’s HO scale Boston & Maine New Hampshire Division model railroad with a JD 1 from White River Junction arriving via Southriver. This train, powered by an AB set of F unites, works through the Woodsriver wind. The mixed cuts back by the Woodsriver station on its way to the yard. In back is the Kimbell Oil Company, and the Twin States Fruit Warehouse.

Number 4268 will pick up 6 boxcars for Berlin, New Hampshire. In back is the Woodsriver Coal Company. With the switching completed, JD 1 rolls by the Woodsriver Freight House. The newly switched train leaves town under the Highway 302 Bridge. The Upper Valley Dairy Co-op is just one part of the milk business on the Boston and Maine railroad. This ball signal still controls the crossing at Havril Junction.

Next on the Boston and Maine railroad, the F units must take the Barrett siding to wait for train number 9. JD 1 crosses the plate girder bridge over the Ammonoosuc River. Barrett is home to a freight depot with a granite company in the back and the New Hampshire Westerly Granite Shed. Train 9 is the passenger milk run from Boston, which will drop an empty milk car at the Barrett Creamery.

As soon as Number 9 arrives, JD 1 must clear the main so the milk train can reach the creamery siding. Train 9 crosses through Havril Junction. Wells is home to the White Mountain Paper Company and it requires 15 cars in and 15 cars out every day. The crew in the caboose gets the chance to see the workings of the mill. Wells Freight Station and the Hitchcock Oil Distributor account for the rest of the freight traffic in this town. To tour other model railroads besides the Boston and Maine railroad, see more Allen Keller videos in the Model Railroad Academy archives.

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  1. Brian Olson

    A very well done layout, excellent attention to detail. Enjoyed the video@

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