Touring the Indian Creek Valley Railroad

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Duration:   6:16   mins

In part two of the 9-part Indian Creek Valley Railroad series, Allen Keller narrates the tour as we venture into Harry Clark’s layout. We begin the tour as the Capital Limited pulls out of the station and slips past the huge freight yard.

As stated in the overview of the Indian Creek Valley Railroad, the layout fills the second floor of its own building. The minimum radius is 40 inches and the bench work is open grid with 2×4 construction. The visible track on the layout is hand laid and the maximum grade is two percent.

The track travels through several towns in the mountains of Pennsylvania, including Indian Creek, Myersdale, Yoder, Cass, and Connellsville. The setting takes place during a mild autumn season. During the journey, you’ll be able to sneak a peek at the lush greenery and impressive structures. The steel arch bridge is one of the most spectacular views on the layout.

In the next segment of the series, Allen describes the operations of the Indian Creek Valley Railroad. Allen fills us in on the narrative of the railroad as we watch the trains chug along the rails.

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