Lou Sassi

Touring Lou Sassi’s Western Hoosic Division

Lou Sassi
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Duration:   6  mins

Lou Sassi’s Western Hoosic Division daily mix train leaves the Bennington Engine facility with Number 32. As usual, this Rutland Makato and its crew will head to Deerfield, Massachusetts. The Rutland begins there at Bennington Station which also serves Williamstown, Massachusetts. The 282 crosses the Saco River plate girder bridge. The truss bridge in the background heads to Williamstown moving by the Textile Plant and the Proctor Scale Company back to the left.

At Hoosic Junction New York there is a choice to be made whether to take the left or right leg of the wind. Number 32 will take the left leg towards Adams, if it had taken the right leg there is a pretty good view of the State Forest on the back of the combine. At the Saco River, Engine 32 eases onto the truss bridge bound for Williamstown. In front of the station the town is called Bennington, but in back it is Williamstown. They are physically the same place, but different states in operation. In the distance cars are switched into the J Callahan Tool Company.

Back in Hoosic Junction the train has taken the left leg of the wind. At Collins Creek the Makato clips over the plate girder bridge into Tunnel Number 2. A hidden track gets Number 32 into West Adams. There the crossing is named for the Hotel, a magnificent green structure. On the hill some typical New England tenements can be seen.

The mixed train leaves the scene by passing over a 175 foot stone arch bridge. There are some fantastic views of the Saw Hide Trussell, the 370 foot structure crossing the Hoosic River. Next the Rutland engine will take the left leg of the Adams wind. The next station is located in downtown Adams. The mixed train heads for Deerfield by Hoosac Tunnel.

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One Response to “Touring Lou Sassi’s Western Hoosic Division”

  1. Ralph

    Watching this while I hold a copy of Model Railroader from 1988 with a story about the same model Railroad.

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