• 3:29

    Using Masonite as a Model Railroad Backdrop

    If you’re thinking about a good material to form the background to your layout, consider using masonite as a model railroad backdrop. Masonite is one of the most inexpensive and curvable materials to use, and Master Model Railroader, Gerry Leone, share some tips as to how he has mounted ⅛” masonite for model railroad backdrops.…

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  • 7:55

    Tips for Designing Stunning Model Train Backdrops

    In this final episode on the famed Utah Colorado Western railroad, resident-artist, Robbie Spangler, shares his tips and secrets on creating his spectacular model train backdrops using straight-out-of-the-tube acrylic paints. He begins by drawing a sketch of the distant mountains at a point where the 3D scenery meets the backdrop. The sky above the most…

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    Painting Clouds on a Model Railroad Backdrop

    In a layout as large as his (25’ x 62’), painting clouds on a model railroad backdrop can seem a daunting task and, in fact, Bruce Carpenter had never painted a cloud only two years ago. But he shows MRA’s Allen Keller a quick and easy method he learned for creating realistic-looking clouds using inexpensive…

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