• 7:02

    C&O Hinton Division – White Sulfur Springs & Alleghany Summit

    The behind the scenes tour of Jim EuDaly’s White Sulfur Springs & Alleghany Summit on the C&O Hinton Division starts in the Hinton Yard on the middle deck in White Sulphur Springs. The line enters the springs and runs above the Hinton Yard along the backdrop. This scene creates a view block with trees and…

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  • 4:05

    Touring the C&O Hinton Division: Gauley & Hawk’s Nest

    Jim EuDaly’s C&O Hinton Division C&O tour starts in Hinton Yards on the middle deck of his railroad. The train start from a hidden staging yard that has a reverted loop based on a John Armstrong design. This loop alloys scheduled trains to leave and return to the same track by working around the circle…

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