• 2:24

    Overview of the Denver, Front Range & Western

    Get a great first look at the Denver, Front Range & Western model railroad layout of Doug Tagsold in this video. The DFR&W features trains from the Rio Grande, Sante Fe, and the Burlington Northern. The setting of this HO layout is the spectacular scenery of the Colorado Rockies, where Doug first became enthralled with…

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  • 9:47

    Touring the Denver, Front Range and Western Model Railroad

    To begin the tour, RG train number 147 heads north from Pueblo on the joint line to Denver. It arrived two hours ago from Kansas City and now has a fresh crew. The power of two GP 40-2’s and an SD 40-2 easily pulls the train through the warehouse district. The south end of Colorado…

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  • 9:34

    Operations on the Denver, Front Range and Western

    We begin operations on Doug Tagsold’s Denver Front Range & Western at Glenwood Springs. Here the Denver & Rio Grande Western empty coal drag with three SD’s on the point has orders to clear the main for Track Number 5, the California Zephyr. Coal Train Number 708 now gets to leave. The SD 40 T-2’s…

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  • 7:28

    Owner Inspiration and Techniques on the DFR&W

    The Denver Front Range & Western of Doug Tagsold encompasses two lines – the Denver and Rio Grande Western from Denver to Grand Junction, Colorado and a joint line with the Denver & Rio Grande Western, and Santa Fe Burlington Northern from Denver to Pueblo. As a little kid, he would look through train books.…

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  • 7:33

    Scenery Techniques on the Denver, Front Range and Western

    Rand Hood explains that one of the things that Doug Tagsold discovered when working on his layout is that the Rio Grande went through very different territories. Here he shows a high plateaued desert of Colorado where the railroad takes off from Bond and is heading from Steamboat Springs and Craig. One of the products…

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  • 6:51

    Creating a Snow Base on the DFR&W

    To create a snow base, modeling paste, an acrylic medium, titanium white acrylic paint, and gel medium is used. These three products are mixed together in equal proportions that will create a snow base for the snow. Belows with snowflakes are used over the base. One is colored and called Slushy to appear like melting…

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  • 10:20

    Creating Model Railroad Backdrops from Photos

    The series of photographs are going to be enlarged and used as a backdrop on the layout. The most difficult thing to do when taking photographs for model railroad backdrops is finding an area where the scene can be shot without having an obstacle in front, such as a telephone pole or an automobile. Once…

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  • 5:46

    Signal System on the Denver, Front Range & Western

    The components used for the signal system on the Denver, Front Range & Western model railroad are readily available parts found at almost any electronic store. The components are a 12 volt miniature relay, a 2-pole 6-position rotary switch, a terminal strip for the wire connections, and any type of signal you want to use.…

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