• 6:06

    Tour Chooch Rivard’s Model Railroad Layout

    In this Model Railroad Academy video, take a tour through Chooch Rivard’s model railroad layout as it runs through an operating session. Shot from the perspective of the conductor, this tour provides a great inside view of the layout. Chooch’s model railroad layout features flat land, green scenery, blue skies, utility poles and much more.…

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  • 11:38

    Take a Tour of Bill Brigg’s Layout

    Bill Brigg’s Musselshell and Yogo Peak railroad layout is a stunning example of what can be done with unique backgrounds and scenery. Jump on the Musselshell and Yogo Peak model train and take a tour of this fantastic layout. As the train moves through its circuit, watch as the backdrop changes from sunsets, to rain…

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  • 11:34

    The Ford Plant Has Two Sides

    Modeler Rich Mahaney presents model railroad clinics all across America. In this video, Rich will discuss a layout in Missouri that features a huge industry that was built on the Mexico Texas and Western model railroad, also known as the Mexico Train Works in Mexico, Missouri. When Rich lived in Mexico, he was a member…

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  • 2:17

    Overview of the New York, New Haven & Hartford

    In this video, Allen Keller will give an overview of the New York, New Haven & Hartford model railroad layout of John Pryke. The New Haven model railroad follows the line from New York to Boston in 1948. This HO scale railroad features three yards with short running distances between them. Passenger trains play a…

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  • 7:22

    Touring the New York, New Haven & Hartford

    We begin the Allen Keller tour of John Pryke’s New York, New Haven and Hartford with the Merchants Limited leaving South Boston with a streamlined Hudson on the head-in. The 464 eases by the south station interlocking. Number 1407, a class I-5 goes through the South Boston commercial district at the end of the yard.…

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  • 9:38

    Operations on the New York, New Haven & Hartford

    In this video, Allen Keller details the operations of John Pryke’s New York, New Haven and Hartford model railroad. Operations begin at New Haven, where a J-1 Light Mikado will handle the eastbound peddler. Number 3012 goes by the New Haven interlocking tower and the engine facility. On the right is a small yard for…

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  • 4:04

    Owner Inspiration and Techniques: New York, New Haven & Hartford

    John Pryke’s version of the New Haven model railroad, the New York, New Haven and Hartford, runs from Boston to New York with a track plan that doubles back on itself. Allen Keller asks him why he selected this area. John felt the railroad needed a definite run in terms of time and distance for…

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  • 5:57

    Modeling an Era on the New York, New Haven & Hartford

    John Pryke modeled the New York, New Haven and Hartford after September of 1948 which was a very interesting year. He describes to Allen Keller that the New Haven had ordered 33 Alco PA units as their new diesel motive power for passenger service. The first 10 units came in a very nice orange color…

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  • 6:57

    Scratchbuilding an Engine with John Pryke

    In this video, John Pryke, modeler of the New York, New Haven and Hartford will show some details of his R3 A 3 cylinder mountain. John began scratch building this locomotive engine originally in 1961 and then rebuilt it when he learned that the National Model Railroad Association’s national convention was going to be near…

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