• 3:46

    Decaling – Changing the Number on a Boxcar

    National Model Railroad Association Master Model Railroader Gerry Leone shows how to change the numbers on the side of a manufacturer car in this video. The first thing to do is remove the existing number from the car. Modelers have found many different ways to do just that. Methods depend on the manufacturer, on the…

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  • 2:34

    Wiring your Layout: Attaching the Programming Track

    Modeler and DCC expert Steve Barkley uses a piece of test track as a programming track for programming his locomotives. He has two wires soldered to the two rails and connects the two wires to the programming output on the command station. The first wire is connected and screwed down to the connector, and he…

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  • 8:16

    Touring the C&O Hinton Division: Sewell & Hinton

    Our tour of Jim EuDaly’s C&O Hinton Division goes to Sewell and Hinton. After climbing through the gorge, the train enters Sewell on the mainline on the New River Subdivision on the bottom deck of the layout. Here the train approaches another crossing of the New River. The bridge is four feet long and was…

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  • 2:08

    Layout Tips – Coating Tweezers

    National Model Railroad Association Master Model Railroader Gerry Leone gives some tips for the workbench in this video. When working on the workbench, tweezers are typically used to hold figures and other small objects. Unfortunately, tweezers can marr the paint on the figures, the sharp ends scraping the surface off. Sometimes figures even need to…

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  • 10:47

    Installing Micro-Slide Switches with Tony Koester

    Tony Koester talks micro-slide switches in this video. Tony uses a single pull double throw slide switch for his railroads. The microswitch has three pulls or wires; the center pull where the power is going out, and the outer two pulls where the power is coming in. On a turnout on a layout, the frogger…

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  • 4:32

    Extending Track Across a Swinging Door

    In this video, National Model Railroad Association’s Master Model Railroader Gerry Leone shows how he extends his track across a swinging door to accommodate a layout that crosses doorways. When building a model railroad layout, a modeler must consider the doorways in the space. Some modelers can design the track around doorways to not block…

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  • 2:40

    Phantom Canyon on the M&YP

    In this video we complete the tour of Bill Briggs’ Musselshell and Yogo Peak mainline. Phantom Canyon is west of the Carrizzo Gorge location of the NP Vortex and the town of Maudlow. The branch to Vortex runs over the NP Vortex Branch Bridge #1. This bridge is mostly timber and runs 135 feet over…

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  • 1:36

    Palisade on the M&YP Railroad

    Passing through the North Pacific short tunnel, the NP train enters the Palisade area. Palisade is a location along Bill Briggs’ Musselshell and Yogo Peak (M&YP) railroad line. It is not exactly a town, but a geographically unique site on the line. Its uniqueness is due to its large and steep rock face that the…

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