• 11:37

    Marv Koenig – Track Car Cam Montage

    In our latest car cam video, we observe another spectacular Soo Line layout, this one by Marv Koenig and set in the late 1970s in the environs of Byron, Wisconsin. This is a G scale garden layout and takes full advantage of the outdoor setting. The Soo Line is hauling lumber in this video and…

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  • 4:49

    Creating a Traffic Control System with Martin Tarnrot

    In this video, modeler Martin Tarnrot will be talking about model railroad control systems, often referred to as computer control. He has drawn a simplified sketch of his view of a digitally controlled model railroad. On the lowest level are the engines, turnouts, and the signals. These devices are more or less just receivers of…

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  • 2:51

    Operations on the Kanawha & Western Allegheny

    In part three of the 9-part Kanawha & Western Allegheny series, Allen Keller delivers an inside look at the operations of the model railroad devised by C.J. Riley. He offers a brief overview of the American Coal Industry during the 1940’s to provide insight into the operations of the Kanawha & Western Allegheny. The Kanawha…

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  • 2:45

    Operations on the South Ridge Line

    In part three of the 8-part South Ridge Line series, Allen Keller examines the operations of the model railroad engineered by Dean Freytag. He begins the segment by providing a historical background on the American steel industry to offer a better understanding of the operations. The South Ridge Line and the American Steel Industry The…

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