• 4:49

    Creating a Traffic Control System with Martin Tarnrot

    In this video, modeler Martin Tarnrot will be talking about model railroad control systems, often referred to as computer control. He has drawn a simplified sketch of his view of a digitally controlled model railroad. On the lowest level are the engines, turnouts, and the signals. These devices are more or less just receivers of…

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  • 2:51

    Operations on the Kanawha & Western Allegheny

    In part three of the 9-part Kanawha & Western Allegheny series, Allen Keller delivers an inside look at the operations of the model railroad devised by C.J. Riley. He offers a brief overview of the American Coal Industry during the 1940’s to provide insight into the operations of the Kanawha & Western Allegheny. The Kanawha…

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  • 2:45

    Operations on the South Ridge Line

    In part three of the 8-part South Ridge Line series, Allen Keller examines the operations of the model railroad engineered by Dean Freytag. He begins the segment by providing a historical background on the American steel industry to offer a better understanding of the operations. The South Ridge Line and the American Steel Industry The…

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