• 10:08

    Using Heat Shrink Tubing

    National Model Railroad Association Master Model Railroader Gerry Leone talks heat shrink tubing in this video. Electricity is essential to model railroading and when two wires touch that shouldn’t, they short-circuit and cause problems on a layout. Short-circuits can be prevented with measures like heat shrink tubing. The tubing comes in variety packs and can…

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  • 5:43

    Wiring Your Layout – Setting Up Computer Control

    Connecting a computer to your digital command system is useful for controlling and monitoring your layout. In order to connect your computer to your digital command system, you will need to download DCC software. Modeler and DCC Expert Steve Barkley demonstrates how to use the program WinLok 2.1 to create a diagram of your layout.…

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  • 3:55

    Controlling Signals and Block Occupancy Detection

    Installing a digital command control system allows for track occupancy detection and the use of signals on your model railroad. In this video, modeler and DCC expert Steve Barkley discusses block occupancy detectors and signal controllers. Wiring your Layout for Controlling Signals and Block Occupancy Detection Steve explains step-by-step how to wire your layout for…

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  • 5:58

    Wiring your Layout: Installing DCC

    If you’re looking for an easy to follow tutorial on installing DCC and wiring your layout, then DCC expert Steve Barkley‘s got you covered. Installing DCC on your layout doesn’t have to be intimidating. With Steve’s guidance, you’ll wire your layout for digital command control in no time. Wiring your Layout – Connecting the Command…

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  • 1:22

    DCC Power Supply

    All digital command control stations need a power supply. Basic systems are normally sold with a power supply already included, but some advanced systems require a separate purchase. Modeler and DCC Expert Steve Barkley provides some helpful tips on choosing the correct power supply for your DCC command station. DCC Components – Power Supply In…

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