• model train operations

    Model Train Operations on the Burlington Northern Santa Fe

    While Bruce Carpenter has built a lot of mainline heavy freight action into his model train operations, in Part 3 of this Burlington Northern Santa Fe series, Model Railroad Academy’s Allen Keller follows a system local working various jobs between yards in Chicago and Kansas City staging areas in the year 2002. With a GP-38…

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  • railway routing

    Railway Routing on the Ohio Interchange System

    Bruce Carpenter had virtually given up the hobby of model railroading back in the 1990s when he got a jolt of inspiration that lead to the design and building of his BNSF layout. He tells MRA’s Allen Keller that he’d participated in clubs and even tried modeling alone, but had lost all interest and had…

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  • 4:55

    Moving Cars on the BNSF Railway

    Another fascinating and unique feature of Bruce Carpenter’s HO scale model railroad portrayal of the BNSF is the practice of moving cars. MRA’s Allen Keller learns that with seven different railroads interchanging on his layout, his friends get to run their favorite home road cars on the BNSF. At the start of each four-hour session,…

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  • 10:15

    Operations on David Holl’s Penn Valley Railroad

    David Holl’s Penn Valley Railroad stands as a prime example in modern model railroading of a mountainous HO layout that expertly incorporates intersecting railroads. In this behind-the-scenes tour, you’ll discover how David operates this magnificent Pennsylvania railway, and follow Local 172 as it heads eastbound from station at Erie in the early hours of the…

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  • Model Railroad Switching Operations

    Running Model Railroad Switching Operations On a Small Layout

    Just because your layout doesn’t have five stops and three branch lines doesn’t mean you can’t run realistic model railroad switching operations on your layout. It just means you need to get a little bit creative with the way you utilize the trackage on a small layout. Whether it’s running laps to extend your train’s…

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