• A Behind the Scenes Tour of the Chesapeake & Ohio

    The exploration of expert model layouts can lead to a world of inspiration. The creative and innovative Chesapeake & Ohio layout by Mike Burgett may help spark the imagination for your very own design. The layout is set in August of 1965 when the coal industry was flourishing throughout the mountains of Virginia. Although Mike… Read more »

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  • 011080f_U0523u_c

    It can be easy to get wrapped up in the appearance of a model train layout, but operation design is an aspect worth studying. Layout scenery planning and design can take an abundance of time and effort, but the most remarkable layouts give careful thought and planning to the operations as well. Understanding railroad operations… Read more »

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    Model railroad experts with exceptional layouts commonly serve as influencers for the hobby. For example, Mike Burgett has dedicated many hours, skill and hard work to the Chesapeake & Ohio layout and he graciously shares it with the model railroading community. Many modelers seek help and guidance from well-known experts to improve their skills. Experts… Read more »

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  • Model Railway Signals and Locations

    Installing model railway signals in your layout requires planning, measuring and calculating. Mike Burgett’s Chesapeake & Ohio model railroad was initially based on the signal system and served as the foundation for the planning stages of the track. Mike stressed importance on the signaling system for his layout and gained valuable experience and expertise in… Read more »

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  • Union Switch and Signal Components

    Mike Burgett not only builds and operates model trains, but he also works for the Canadian National Railway. He is able to combine his professional work experience with the model-railroading hobby to obtain a deeper understanding of railroad operations. Mike describes railroading as something he thinks about when he is lying in bed at night… Read more »

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  • Touring the Dispatchers Office

    Mike Burgett built the centralized traffic control machine for the Chesapeake & Ohio model railroad layout himself, making use of original 1950’s hardware from actual railroad equipment. It is housed in its very own room upstairs from the layout. Mike visits the dispatcher’s office to exhibit the powerful CTC machine. A Thorough Look at the… Read more »

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  • Review of the Double Deck Layout Design

    There are various methods and styles for constructing a model railroad layout. Track plans can range in size from a micro layout to a large layout that fills an entire room. There are numerous ways to house the track as well. They can be built on a table in the middle of a room or… Read more »

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  • Applying Model Railroad Telephone Poles

    You probably see telephone poles that line railways on a daily basis, but it may not be something you give much thought to. Model railroad telephone poles can make a great addition to layouts, but you will need to do some research beforehand if you aim to accurately recreate a prototype. The long history behind… Read more »

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  • Model Train Scenery Plaster Techniques

    Model train scenery plaster is a useful product to utilize if you are looking to add mountainous terrain to your layout. There are many types of model plasters and several techniques for putting them to use. In this video, modeler Jim Eudaly highlights the best products to use and demonstrates specifically how to use the… Read more »

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