• 1:44

    Overview of Ron Kuykendall’s Five Model Railroads

    Ron Kuykendall is a model builder with five incredible model railroad layouts. In this video, hear an overview of all five. Three of the layouts are HO standard gauge, the fourth is HON3 and the fifth is SN3. Ron has managed to accomplish so much on so many layouts because he has been in the…

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  • 11:50

    Touring Ron’s Five Model Railroads

    Ron Kuykendall’s Western Eclectic layout fills its own 20 by 30 foot building. It features a wide variety of railroads. One line serves the Sante Fe and the Rio Grande Western, while the upper line has the Northern Pacific. Both lines are separate continuous loops with an additional narrow gauge line. The tour begins and…

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  • 9:55

    Vision and Layouts on Ron’s Five Model Railroads

    Model builder Ron Kuykendall has a different approach to the hobby than others. He has five highly detailed layouts. Ron has found the time to build so many layouts and structures by honing his skills. The key is the more you build the more you can build. Every kind of modeling relates to each other…

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  • 6:15

    Track and Motor Cleaning on Ron’s Five Model Railroads

    Model builder Ron Kuykendall puts a lot of emphasis on the smoothness of his track. He makes sure to clean his track to keep it running well. When Ron was having problems with his track gunking up, he wrote a number of letters asking for the cause or for advice. One response he received informed…

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  • 5:43

    User-Friendly Composition and Design

    Ron Kuykendall’s composition of design makes his layouts user-friendly, easy to run and use. Everything is within arms reach and winds around the outside of the room. The depth of the layout is a typical reach from shoulder to the wall – 36 inches to be exact. The trackage is not overly elaborate. The circuitry,…

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  • 3:43

    Creating Figures on Ron’s Five Model Railroads

    In this video, Ron Kuykendall speaks on the figures and vehicles in the scenes of his FIVE model railroads with Allen Keller. Ron enjoys placing figures in scenes that are common and basic to life. One such scene is a small cabinet shop he created. By removing the roof of the structure, the scene is…

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  • 3:29

    Changes in the Hobby

    Model builder Ron Kuykendall has been in the railroading hobby for over 50 years. In his time modeling, he has witnessed many changes. Ron believes that all these changes for the most part have been excellent. Innovations in the mechanical and electrical category, signaling systems, wiring control systems, and more have changed the hobby. However,…

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  • 8:32

    Construction on Ron’s Five Model Railroads

    When modeling California, model builder Ron Kuykendall knows that a lot of palm trees are needed. Scratch building them is quite the construction project so he makes multiple at a time. He starts with a dowel and a roll of roughed up shingles shaped in a conical fashion. The dead fronds are cut sections of…

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  • 8:38

    Ron’s Weathering Techniques

    Ron Kuykendall is a specialist when it comes to weathering on his layout. In fact, he has written a number of articles in magazines on the subject. Two primary techniques are dry and wet brushing. The wash method is probably the most effective for weathering. Ron uses a flat enamel and paint thinner, so oil…

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