• 2:53

    Waybill Message Tubes for the Model Railroad Hobbyist

    When confronted with a problem or challenge, the model railroad hobbyist is often known to think “outside the box” for an innovative solution! See what modeler Lee Nicholas developed to quickly move his waybill information between dispatcher and train operators and make his model railway operations more efficient. As he shows Allen Keller, he used…

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  • 2:23

    Model Railroading Introduction to Digital Command Control

    There’s probably no single advancement in running model railroad locomotives in the last half-century more significant than Digital Command Control, or DCC. It simply has revolutionized the way we run and control not only trains but signals, turnouts and many other functions – all from a hand control throttle known as a cab. Veteran modeler…

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  • Model Railroad Switching Operations

    Running Model Railroad Switching Operations On a Small Layout

    Just because your layout doesn’t have five stops and three branch lines doesn’t mean you can’t run realistic model railroad switching operations on your layout. It just means you need to get a little bit creative with the way you utilize the trackage on a small layout. Whether it’s running laps to extend your train’s…

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