Applying and Weathering Decals on a Structure

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Decals have the ability to completely alter the look of a model structure or car. They’re a simple way to add detail to your layout and most are inexpensive. If you are looking to add decals to your model railroad layout, you may want to consider implementing some weathering techniques to make the decals look natural.

Weathering Decals

NMRA Master Model Railroader Gerry Leone demonstrates how to apply and weather decals on a structure. In this tutorial, Gerry specifically demonstrates how to add a decal to a brick building. First, he finds a wall with an area big enough to fit the decal. His ultimate goal is to make the decal look as natural as possible, as if it was painted onto the brick.

Gerry applies the decal and waits for it to fully dry before weathering. Then, he demonstrates how to use a scalpel, hobby knife, or single edge razor blade to weather the decal. Gerry also illustrates how to effectively dry brush a decal to make it look as if the paint faded and chipping occured. These techniques work great with decals on any kind of surface on your layout.