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Allen Keller compiles structure building ideas from his Great Model Railroad series. This video is divided into three segments. The first segment features tips for planning structures, second is ideas for building them, and third is extra details to make the structure stand out. Beginning with tips for planning structures, hear from Al Lindop who has built many coal mine structures on his layouts.

Then it is on to Monroe Stewart, an architect and engineer who suggests looking for geometric shapes in buildings. From Volume 4 of Allen’s series, a mine at Miller Pass is half built in place on location and half work bench produced. The mine rests on foundation pieces on the layout. The trussell work that can be added to any building will give it a level base and enable it to cling to side of the mountain. Another mine on the layout was built much the same, but with stone foundation work.

From Volume 30, Allen moves on to Monroe Stewart. The footprint of a building is defined as the outside perimeter, which helps to define the base and how the building will look. Two rectangles side by side create an offset footprint. The roof line also establishes the look and interest of the building. All interesting buildings are a series of shapes and a series of rooflines. Using both shed roofs and A roofs create an interesting effect.

Then it is on to ways of duplicating exact structures. Chuck Hitchcock and then Gill Freytag will offer some ideas from his collection of award winning buildings. Chuck from Volume 29 is duplicating a Pullman building. He goes on to describe how he constructed the signage and built the structure out of styrene. Allen continues to showcase ideas for building structures, and extra details to make structures stand out. Don’t forget to browse the site for more model railroad tips!

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