Creating Model Railroad Streets and Fences

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You can almost never add too much detail to your model railroad layout. If it appears in large scale, chances are it stands to appear in miniature scale. This theory applies to urban settings on a layout, where attention to detail is more than just appreciated, it’s admired. When it comes to creating cityscapes, there are a variety of techniques you can use to achieve realism, especially on streets and fences.

Master modeler George Sellios is one of the best in the business at creating streets and fences that capture a viewer’s attention time after time. In this segment, host Allen Keller takes a closer look at the streets and fences on George’s layout of Franklin & South Manchester Railroad to see learn how the master goes about making his famous scenery components.

George begins by walking you step by step through building a street, complete with sidewalks, cracks, curbs and oils. He shows you the best way to scribe the separating lines on your streets, and then demonstrates the proper technique for weathering a street with paints and charcoal. After finishing with a sample street, George teaches you how to create a weathered fence using a commercial plastic kit, acrylic paint and a hobby knife. With these expert tips and more, you’ll be able to add highly lifelike streets and fences to your layout that amaze your viewers!