Enhancing Your Model Railroad Layout Scenes

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Just because your layout scene is complete, doesn’t mean you can’t go back at a later date and add additional details. In this video, Erik Bergstrom takes you through the creative process of adding additional detailing to a popular Turtle Creek Central Project Railroad. See how adding decals and weathering using pastel chalks can be simple and fun.

Enhancing Your Layout Scenes with Decals & Weathering

First, you’re going to add a decal to the side of one of the downtown buildings to give it a little more character. Go through each step with Erik as he teaches you a few helpful techniques for this process along the way. Now it’s time for adding details with weathering! The great thing about weathering with pastel chalks is that you can add multiple layers of different colors to create different affects. There is so much to learn about enhancing to your model railroad layout scenes by adding decals and weathering. As long as you’re willing to try new techniques, your layout will be a constantly evolving group of scenes that change over the course of time.

Erik Bergstrom shows you only a few ways to use pastel chalks for weathering your layout. There is an endless variety of ways you can use this technique to weather locomotives, rolling stock, and structures. Be willing to experiment and have fun!