George Sellios On Scenery Techniques for an Urban Layout

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All model railroaders have their own preferences for how they like to build and detail the scenery on their model railroad layout. From the structures to the trees and everything in between, the choice is yours as to how you want your finished layout to look. That’s one of the greatest aspects of model railroading, you have the final say on what looks right. For master modeler and kit builder George Sellios, there’s no big secret or unorthodox technique necessary for creating a realistic scene, it’s all about keeping things simple while adding as much detail as possible.

In this segment, host Allen Keller goes behind the scenes of George’s first ever layout, Franklin & South Manchester Railroad, to discover what techniques George uses to bring 1935 Boston to life. George discusses some of the materials he utilizes for building, installing and weathering structures, stock and landscape scenery, and talks about future plans for the unfinished portions of his layout. You’ll learn how George intends to create the mountainous regions of his railroad, and find out what this expert railroader used for the trackage in Manchester. We’re excited to see the rest of George’s layout, and we were glad to have a chance to learn how one of the greats goes about his work!