How to Make Ground Throws for Your Turnouts

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Every modeler has their preference for how they like to control the turnouts on their layout. Some like to go through the trouble of installing wires for automatic switches, while others opt for the less complicated method of building manual throws. Master modeler David Holl is one of the latter; he likes to utilize built-in manual throws to operate the turnouts on his HO scale recreation of Penn Valley Railroad. In this lesson, David talks to host Allen Keller about how he prefers to create the ground throws on his layout using wood cutouts, coat hanger wire and a toggle switch.

After showing the setup he uses for turnout controls, David and Allen discuss the process of building a model railroad with a team of modelers. David explains what it’s like to model reality and handlay trackage in an age when most modelers opt for flextrack. He also describes the methods he uses to add detail to his scenery that helps to set his layout apart from the rest. Take advantage of this expert insight, and utilize some of David’s tips on your next layout!

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