Don Cassler

Car Detailing Tools

Don Cassler
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Duration:   4  mins

In this video, Don Cassler demonstrates the use of the custom tools he has made for car detailing. Cassler gives his tips and tricks to make car detailing easy and more efficient.

Cassler has developed a tool with a needle attachment that can be used for multiple functions. These functions include picking up styrene, holding styrene pieces in place on glue as it dries, and creating a center punch for locating holes to drill in styrene cars. Cassler emphasizes the importance of using a needle rather that a straight pin in car detailing, as it grips the styrene better.

Cassler’s homemade car builder’s drill is a handheld drill of his own design that houses a 12 gauge motor and has the ability to grab a number 80 bit. This drill is slow enough to cleanly drill through styrene, unlike most drills which spin too rapidly.

Cassler also demonstrates a riveting machine of his own invention that can uniformly emboss styrene strips automatically. This machine can rivet 30-40 strips in one evening, or a foot long strip in about 20 seconds. It also has the ability to be adjusted in order to change the alignment and number of rivets per sheet or strip. An automatic riveting machine is perfect for creating rivets for bridges and tanks. When it comes to car detailing tools, custom adjustments and inventions are a great way to make a tedious task quicker and more enjoyable.

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