Inspecting Model Railroad Yards: Delta Junction

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Along the Colorado and Southern Railway, you’ll find a variety of landscapes and towns that lead the tracks through miraculous terrain with beautiful sights and sounds. Travelers of C&S Railway will pass through pockets of some of the country’s most incredible terrain, such as the Palisades of the Ohio Creek Extension and the secluded corners of the railway’s branch lines.

To reach these wonderful places, there must be a spot where trains can be turned around, relocated and put back on their paths across this glorious country. In scale models, these spots are referred to as model railroad yards or staging yards. These model railroad yards are essential components of the vast series of rails and ties that connect some of the United States’ most bustling cities and their booming industries. Today, we take a look at one of model C&S Railway’s key model railroad yards, Delta Junction.

The all-important model railroad yards

When it comes to model railroad yards, staging sites like Delta Junction are necessary additions to America’s web of railways and hubs. While not glamorous or a hidden gem to be uncovered in the pockets of the Rockies, the tracks of staging yards such as Delta Junction serve as vital connectors between major hubs in the west.

Joining the Rio Grande with the tracks that pass through Salt Lake City, Delta Junction is one of many multi-track model railroad yards created by our expert modelers. And they plan to increase the size of Delta Junction, adding two more tracks and expanding its staging capabilities.