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Introduction to David Holl’s Penn Valley Railroad

MRA Editors
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Duration:   2  mins

No one does Pennsylvania model railroads quite like David Holl. For more than two decades, this master modeler has been creating and refining his roughly 1,600-sq-ft. layout of Penn Valley Railroad, slowly but surely expanding the scene from its initial 200-sq-ft. into the sprawling masterpiece it is today.

David’s HO scale layout, constructed with L-girder benchwork, runs from a hidden staging yard in Youngstown through one of the state’s major hubs in Erie to another yard at Allentown. Over time, as the layout grew and more stops were incorporated, David decided to include track for multiple sister railroads of the Penn Valley, including the NY Central, the Pennsylvania and the East Eiser & Rocky Bottom. Come along as host Allen Keller goes behind the scenes to travel the tracks of David’s awe-inspiring recreation of Penn Valley Railroad!

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