Operations on the Bluff City Southern

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Go back in time with a trip into the railroading past! In this video, get an in-depth view of the Bluff City Southern in full operation. See and hear this train station as it was back in the 1950’s. You’ll experience in fine detail an engine pull into the station and drop off a car at the local mill. The Bluff City Southern is a sight to behold and you will not be disappointed at the many views of the main station as the train pulls in and back out to head to its next stop.

Next, be there to experience a cotton pickup at the Riverside Cotton Press. Watch as the train drops one car and picks up a haul of cotton for the next leg of the journey moving through the farmland and countryside. Then see the train cross the Mississippi river and pull into the Bluff City Yard. You’ll also see a unique “point-of-view” from the front of the engine as the engineer drives through the Bluff City Yard in circa 1950.

Then watch as an engine rolls into a Mississippi lumber mill and coal station. You’ll see and hear as a passenger express roll through the southern countryside.

Tags: Allen Keller, Bluff City Southern, model railroad operation, scenery