Gil Freitag

Operations on the Stony Creek & Western

Gil Freitag
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Duration:   9  mins

Gil Freitag’s Stony Creek & Western Rwy, though freelanced, was inspired by Rocky Mountain prototypes, so you’ll see lots of “way freights” and “turns” as the trackage ascends from Stony Creek and descends at the other end in Provo – with numerous small mining towns in between for switching action. It’s a classic example of model railroad operations on a beautifully scenicked mountain layout

In Part Two of his in-depth video of the Stony Creek & Western, MRA’s Allen Keller’s cameras hop aboard the Quin’s Bend “turn” on its way out of its namesake village for a day of normal operations on the way up to the town of Apex. Along the way, we watch as the Santa Fe GP-7 maneuvers, shoves, sets out and picks up at various industries along the line.

Industries along the line which will be switched include the few mines still clinging to life, packing houses, chemical companies, feed and mercantile stores and local freight stations. With only the minimum of moves, the experienced crew of the turn proceeds with its daily switching list, uncoupling from the caboose, setting out hoppers and boxcars, picking up stock cars and tank cars, finally reaching Apex where the Geep must be turned for its afternoon return home.

Watch and learn how Gil and his assistants accomplish their model railroad operations keep the Stony Creek & Western hustling and on-time, even in the sleepy, dusty days of a bygone era in mining country.

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