Dean Freytag

Overview of the South Ridge Line

Dean Freytag
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Duration:   2  mins

Allen Keller takes the show on the road with an overview of The South Ridge Line created by the late Dean Freytag. The South Ridge Line was located in the basement of Dean’s home in Ohio. Dean found purpose in model railroading and viewed it as a “way of life.” His passion and devotion for model railroading is sure to bring inspiration for years to come.

The South Ridge Line

Many years ago, Allen Keller hosted a series with Dean Freytag on The South Ridge Line. We revisit that series today to reminisce on the hard work and success of Dean. As we look back, we hope The South Ridge Line offers encouragement and motivation towards your own model railroading projects.

This series consists of eight segments dedicated to the The South Ridge Line. Allen begins with a tour of the layout and a look into the operations of the model railroad. Allen then dives into some of Dean’s inspiration and techniques. Next, Dean himself offers a tutorial on making vents for your model railroad scenery. Then, Allen and Dean discuss the hobby of model railroading and his reason for pursuing it. The series ends with a demonstration from Dean on how to build a steel mill and a tutorial on building cars.

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