Tips for Overhauling, Detailing and Weathering Model Locomotives

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Learn how to make your model locomotives run more smoothly and quieter with tips from Bruce Carpenter, whose BNSF HO layout features more than four dozen different locomotives during each ops session.

Bruce shares with MRA’s Allen Keller how he overhauls each model locomotive, using a stock Athearn engine as an example. He shows how he replaces the provided wheelsets with NorthWest Short Line (NWSL) nickel plated wheels, oils or greases every universal joint, flywheel connection and worm gear, and fabricates MV lens, sunshades, lift rings, grab irons and MU cables for super-detailing.

Rather than using chalks or pastels, Bruce demonstrates his airbrushing tools and favorite techniques for weathering each and every model locomotive and car before it appears on his layout. The difference in the realism is dramatic, and easy to achieve!

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