Steve Barkley

Wiring Your Layout - Setting Up Computer Control

Steve Barkley
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Duration:   5  mins

Connecting a computer to your digital command system is useful for controlling and monitoring your layout. In order to connect your computer to your digital command system, you will need to download DCC software. Modeler and DCC Expert Steve Barkley demonstrates how to use the program WinLok 2.1 to create a diagram of your layout.

Setting up Computer Control

By using DCC software and creating a diagram of your layout, you’ll be able to see the location of the track, whether the track is occupied or not, and the position of switches. You’ll also be able to use the program to operate switches and signals. In this video, Steve walks through the final steps of completing the diagram of the remaining section of the layout.

Setting up computer control is fairly simple. With Steve’s help, you can do the same on your layout. The diagram will assist you with keeping track of track occupancy and will prevent head on collisions. DCC will also allow you to duplicate just about any prototypical situation that you want using off-the-shelf components available from a number of manufacturers.

Wiring plays a crucial role in making your model railroad run smoothly. Make sure to check out more helpful wiring videos to avoid any faults in your trackage.

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