Travelling Tony Koester’s Allegheny Midland Railroad

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In this behind-the-scenes tour, model railroading host Allen Keller takes you for a journey along the rails of Allegheny Midland Railroad. You’ll get an exclusive look at Tony Koester’s masterful handywork on this HO scale model of the AM, tailing the lead locomotive in its travels through the Allegheny Mountains from staging area in the Wheeling Division to its final stop before continuing onto V&O Railroad.

Follow Engine 262 as it tows a shipment of auto parts south into Midland, over Cheat River to Big Springs Junction, and around the bend to Altapass. Tony’s layout has become an inspiration to modelers everywhere for its beautiful landscapes and expertly scratch-built high bridges and tunnels. Take our word for it, this spectacular piece of model railroad engineering isn’t one you want to miss!