Dick Elwell

Adding the Details to Model Railroads

Dick Elwell
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Dick Elwell’s childhood memories fuel his inspiration for scenes on the Hoosac Valley model railroad. Model railroad train inspiration can be extremely diverse. For example, some modelers find inspiration from traveling, others from dreams and some from other modelers. It’s clear that influence can come from an unlimited array of possibilities.

Adding the Details to Model Railroads

In part nine of the 10-part Hoosac Valley series, Allen Keller and Dick Elwell review and examine the scenery on the model railroad. Dick’s layout is packed full of miniature scenes. Allen asks Dick where he finds the time and inspiration to create all of the scenery on the Hoosac Valley Railroad. Even after all the hard work and dedication that has been put into the railroad, Dick is still not satisfied and continues to improve on his layout.

In this video, Dick mentions a friend who has helped add scenery to the Hoosac Valley Railroad. He visits once in awhile and goes through Dick’s figure box. Dick allows him to freely design and decorate with the figurines allowing for creativity and spontaneity. It brings a new aspect to the layout, since Dick tends to carefully take the time to create scenes.

There is just one more episode left of the Hoosac Valley series. Dick provides a step-by-step tutorial on how to create scratchbuilt utility poles for your model railroad in the final episode. Follow along for some helpful suggestions from Dick himself.

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