Steve Barkley

Wiring your Layout: Installing DCC

Steve Barkley
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Duration:   5  mins

If you’re looking for an easy to follow tutorial on installing DCC and wiring your layout, then DCC expert Steve Barkley‘s got you covered. Installing DCC on your layout doesn’t have to be intimidating. With Steve’s guidance, you’ll wire your layout for digital command control in no time.

Wiring your Layout – Connecting the Command Station

Steve Barkley offers a step-by-step demonstration on the DCC installation process. Steve illustrates the process by using an entry level command station. Most entry level command station’s are sold with a power supply. You will learn from Steve how to wire the power supply to the command system.

During the installation process, Steve implements a suitcase connector. Suitcase connector is a common term for insulation displacement connectors. By using a suitcase connector, you can run multiple track wires from the same feeder line. Steve demonstrates how to use them properly during the wiring stage of installing DCC.

Installing DCC is a great way to improve your model railroad layout. With these tips from Steve, you’ll be able to install your very own DCC system without any trouble.

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