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Adding Window Details to Model Train Buildings

MRA Editors
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The final step in preparing to put together commercial kits of model train buildings is to add detail to the windows. There are a number of different ways you can dress up the windows in your model train buildings, and plenty of room for personalization. Whether you want to make your windows open for summertime breezes or boarded up for good, you can quickly and easily add realistic details to the windows of your model train buildings with the help of commercial kits and simple household objects. In this model railroading lesson, we walk you through the step-by-step procedure for adding details to windows to make your model train buildings appear lived and worked in.

How to dress up windows in model train buildings

Similar to the weathering and signs that you apply to your model train buildings, the goal for adding detail to windows is to make your scene look as realistic as possible. To help give your windows the appearance that they’re being used, NMRA expert modeler Gerry Leone demonstrates a few of his favorite techniques that effectively add realism to the windows of model train buildings.

Gerry begins the process for dressing up your model train buildings by showing you how to use an X-Acto knife to cut away portions of the window trim. To make the windows look as if they’re open, you’ll learn how to utilize 2×4 strips of styrene as window framing, and then add glazing in the form of acetate sheeting to represent the windows’ glass. You can adhere the acetate and styrene with canopy glue, which has the unique benefit of drying entirely clear.

After showing you the best way to create open windows, Gerry teaches you how to customize the windows of your model train buildings by taking advantage of commercial kits. Many companies offer window detailing elements in the way of shades, curtains and venetian blinds. Gerry also introduces a simple trick that includes a basic household object and adds a little touch of life to your windows. Incorporate Gerry’s expert techniques for detailing windows, and you’ll be ready to turn those individual kit parts into fully personalized model train buildings!

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