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Doug Hodgdon
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Duration:   3  mins

Our Lillia Khelif sits down with Doug Hodgden, a fellow Model Railroad Academy editor to discuss a new product. The product is the AZATRAX – MRD6X HexDetex model train detector with a great crossing trigger. This product does many things, and uses advanced technology over photosensing technology detectors. In this video Doug will demonstrate a very simple installation. There are two types of installations, a reflective installation and an across the track installation. Doug first shows the reflexive installation where the sensor is visible. The across the track detection is a very simple application. Whenever a car goes between these sensors and breaks the circuit it will trip it. These sensors can be built into the scenery or into buildings. They can be installed staggered or offset to avoid shooting in between the cars and getting a false reading. The adjustments are very simple, just making sure that it is lined up across the track or ensuring with the reflector that it is reflecting off the bottom of the car.

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To demonstrate, Doug runs the car over the reflective sensor. You can see the sensors underneath as they are angled to reflect the car as they shoot up, reflect off the bottom of the car and come down again. In the other sensor situation, the car moves across and disrupts the beam. This further demonstrates that the sensor can work in two ways to activate many different things. It has indicator LEDs built right into the board to ensure the sensors are adjusted right. You can also attach remote LED’s to it for control panel application. It can also be used for signals, so you can feed the outputs into a computer or you can hook up all six pairs of the sensors. To learn more watch the full video.

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