Doug Hodgdon

TRACK TALK LIVE: August 2021

Doug Hodgdon
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Duration:   1 mins

On Track Talk LIVE, model railroad expert Doug Hodgdon discusses his current projects and answers model railroad questions live on the air in this fun, interactive, and informative Q&A.

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One Response to “TRACK TALK LIVE: August 2021”

  1. Peter Dickson

    Hi guys, enjoying you monthly track talk discussions and look forward to many more. Question: Do you know where I can purchase a train describer system which keeps track of train positions based on train numbers and infrastructure messages received from the signalling and interlocking systems. Trains could carry a RFID tag and at each piece of signalling / interlocking system a RFID reader that then can feed information to a DCC system? The DCC system could then manage speed and distance braking to the signal / interlocking. Pipe dream? Further information if clarification required: A train number usually steps from one position to another when the train passes a signal. The internal logic of a train describer requires signal, track section and switch information from which it derives the route to the next signal determining the next position. The train describer can also supply information on a display system.

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