Bluff City Southern: A Behind the Scenes Tour

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Join us as the Illinois Central pulls into Friars Point on a behind the scenes tour of the Bluff City Southern. You’ll see the train pull through the southern countryside. See our next stop along the way in Alligator, Mississippi where you will find a large automotive parts plant. This tour through farmlands in the south continues as we pull into the Brairwood area of the Mississippi delta.

Next you’ll see a trip through idyllic Tunica as the train passes near the town square. As the train ride continues, you’ll pass the Houston Cotton Gin. See an engine on the turntable at the Bluff City Yard as this steam engine prepares for another run out of Bluff City. The train then leaves the railyard heading for Arkansas.

Watch as the train crosses the mighty Mississippi River and crosses into Briar, Arkansas. You’ll see the cotton transfer dock and the many cotton fields lining this section of track. Then see the train come into Memphis, right next to the Ford auto plant.

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