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B&M New Hampshire Division and Layout Tour: The Towns of Wells and North Gorham

MRA Editors
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Duration:   8  mins

In this video we tour the towns of Wells and North Gorham on the Boston and Maine New Hampshire Division and Layout. On the other side of the backdrop is Wells. This is where the main line cuts between the mill buildings of the White Mountain Paper Company. The prime feature of Wells is the mill. The company’s name reinforces where the model railroad is located. The mill’s complex is about three by five feet around.

Although it is a a model of a big industry, many large buildings are not required. Often the suggestion of a large complex is all that is needed. The mill was modeled from a reference photo. Once the main elements were decided, pieces were mocked up to rearrange. One of the biggest concerns was the effective placement of structures around where the main line entered the scene to cover the entry hole through the backdrop. In these situations it’s not so much about concealing the break through the backdrop, but trying to distract the viewers’ attention.

The mill is a good example of how a big industry produces a lot more activity than a handful of small ones, which take up just as much space. Not all paper mills are huge, but this model represents a fully integrated facility that starts with logs and turns them into paper. Small industries take on only one part of the paper making process. The mill is located at the end of a peninsula, a space often hard to use efficiently.

A 180 degree main line turn back curve is somewhat subordinated by being surrounded by the mill complex. The mill buildings are located towards the end of the sidings in order to maintain easy access for coupling and uncoupling the cars. After all, the main interest is the railroad activity. The video goes on to tour the town of North Gorham.

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