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Building a Model Railroad Bridge into an Existing Scene

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Duration:   3  mins

Building a new model railroad landscape feature into an existing scene can present a difficult challenge for any modeler, but it can also be a fun little task if you know what you want to install and how to use the proper technique to make the new component fit properly. One such feature that can be added to a scene after the fact is a model railroad bridge. Bridges are ideal for breaking up a scene and adding both realism and visual appeal to your model, and they can easily be built into an existing scene using basic tools and scrap materials. In this lesson, modeler Doug Hodgdon teaches you how to build a model railroad bridge using simple modeling methods, a saber saw, and spare parts you have lying around the shop.

How to build a model railroad bridge into an existing landscape

To help you figure out the best course of action for creating space for an eye-popping model railroad bridge into a layout you’ve already constructed, Doug walks you through his expert step-by-step bridge-building process. He talks about his favorite method for cutting away the currently standing track supports to make room for a model railroad bridge, and shows you how to create a support skeleton for the bridge using profile board and screen wire.

Once you’ve determined that you want to add a model railroad bridge to your landscape, the next step in the process is cutting away track to make way for the bridge’s span. Doug demonstrates the best technique for doing so using his saber saw, then shows you how the finished product should look after you’ve laid down the base for your new model railroad bridge. You’ll see that while it’s made from random parts, Doug’s scratch-built model railroad bridge appears brand new as if he picked it up the hobby shop.

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